Town Criteria (How to Register a Town)

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Town Criteria (How to Register a Town) Empty Town Criteria (How to Register a Town)

Post by Benislav on May 1st 2014, 7:51 pm

EDIT MARCH 24, 2015: This guide is no longer necessarily valid for town creation.  While a good guide, focus on the new server will first be on settling the Hub Town.

Hey, everyone.  It's been long enough that we've seen the rise of more than a couple of towns, so I figured we'd start the registration process.  Please know and understand that you are not at all required to register your towns, and you can still call an unregistered gathering anything you wish.  Town registration exists mostly to mark towns on the map and to let others know what you're working on.  Without further ado...

Town Criteria
All towns must have...
- A building of staying (an inn, hotel, tavern...)
- A building of government (a town hall, castle, government house...)
- A town charter (book detailing the town)
- At least three declared citizens
- At least two dwellings (houses, apartments, hovels...)
- A name

When your town has all of these items, contact an admin for your town to be identified on the map!

Town Criteria (How to Register a Town) KAT2645

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