03/31/2015 - Mob Grinders and Updates

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03/31/2015 - Mob Grinders and Updates Empty 03/31/2015 - Mob Grinders and Updates

Post by MoMoe0 on March 31st 2015, 4:24 am

Mob Grinders:
First off I want to address a question that's been asked by some people and is probably going to be brought up again. Some people have been wondering if mob grinders are allowed on the server. No mob grinders/farms are allowed on the server, no exceptions. My stance on mob farms is very black and white. They exploit the game's mechanics to essentially give you infinite experience and items. Sure they take work to build, however after the initial work is finished, you can gain items and levels easily by just sitting AFK at a mob farm. This is extremely game breaking, not to mention what it could do to our economy once we set it up. Mob farms and grinders are not allowed in any form. Thank you for your cooperation.

Server Changes:
1. We have added a /backpack or /pack command to your arsenal. In the resource world we feel your inventory fills up really quickly, so we've added this command to alleviate the time of traveling back and forth between worlds.
2. We've also added a logging plugin, so everything you do is logged. This is to get prepared for advertising the server.
3. Another change I've made is fixed the nether world. It now matches up with the overworld, or at least should. Let me know if there is a problem.

Forum Changes:
I'm going to start a subforum for these emails to go into an archive so players can refer back to them and see what was changed. I'm also going to start a changelog for the server texture pack, so you guys can refer back to what was updated as well. Next, I've removed the moderator application subforum. If we feel you deserve mod, we will contact you. In the past we have had moderator applications, however no one likes saying no to someone. If you deserve mod, you'll be recognized. This is just a heads up, we aren't looking into any mods at this time.

We are also going to start advertising very soon and we ask you guys to be helpful to new players and answer their questions if they have any. The admins aren't going to be on 24/7, so if anyone has a question and you don't know the answer, please direct them to the forums.

If you have any suggestions, please don't forget to post them to their respective section on the forums. We would love to hear them. Thanks for reading!

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