Please Read: A Note on the Server

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Please Read: A Note on the Server

Post by Benislav on March 31st 2015, 1:09 pm

Hey, everyone!  Cobbleton's only been up for a few days, and already, we're seeing a great amount of progress and creativity.  We're glad we can bring you a server where you can play in a productive and entertaining way, and we hope you're having a great time.

While we've enjoyed the progress the server's been making, we've noticed a certain trend in the chat, and we'd like to set some things straight.  First, we always welcome suggestions.  Because we want to make the best server environment for all, we're always open to hearing how you think your experience can be improved.

Second, though, we want to make clear that server administration is something we're experienced with.  Those of you who have been with us for a while know that we've been around for long enough and that we've had several servers over the past few years.  Over this time, we like to think we've gathered valuable information and experience on how to best run a Minecraft server.

When we started running servers, we didn't know much, and we're thankful for those of you who stuck by us in our periods of unknowing and guesswork.  What we want you to know now, though, is that we've tried to learn from every server we've run and we've tried to use that gathered knowledge to improve on future iterations.  Policies such as implementing the hub town and removing teleportation commands weren't done as guesswork.  Our policies were different on previous servers, yes, but its through our dedication to better understanding that we've decided to remove them to foster a more active community.  I understand the temptation exists to go far away and build your secluded base, but what we mean to craft is more multiplayer than singleplayer.

Finally, and I apologize for the colossal wall of text, we hope you all continue to enjoy yourselves.  We want to make ourselves open for response or queries regarding the server, including both suggestions and criticism.  I hope this post doesn't turn you off from suggesting or criticizing, but rather that it informs that there is a method to our madness, so to speak.  We're grateful for your continued patronage of the server, and we hope you're comfortable with expressing your thoughts with us.  We're more than happy to help.

Thank you.

-- Benislav


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