04/11/2015 - Server Shop and Other Updates

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04/11/2015 - Server Shop and Other Updates Empty 04/11/2015 - Server Shop and Other Updates

Post by MoMoe0 on April 11th 2015, 5:08 pm

The server's economy has been reset. There is also a makeshift portal behind the Resource portal that you can access the server shop. There you can buy and sell basic resources as well as some hard to get items. I'll be experimenting in the next few days with other ways to make money on the server, but for now the only way is to sell to the server shop.

Resource Pack
I've updated a lot of things on the resource pack. You can find out all the updates here: http://www.cobbleton.com/f19-resource-pack-updates

Some things I want to note are:
~ The netherrack texture is now goldish orange to conflict less with lava.
~ Glass is updated to be more see through, but still retain it's current aesthetic.
~ Sandstone has been updated and rearranged to be more attractive to builders.

Hub Town
I want to outline some guidelines for building in Hub Town.

1. If you see a road, don't build on the end of the road. Branch off the road to build.
2. Please don't build IN the water/lake. We want to build around and apart of the terrain, not through it.

We've disabled the warp command from the Nether. Players could just build a portal then go through it and /warp cobbleton to the middle of the map. So you have to return to the portal you made. We've also created a portal at the Nether hub you can access via a lift.

Thanks for reading this guys. We hope to have a great economy running soon. Hub Town is looking great so far. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

04/11/2015 - Server Shop and Other Updates Z1f38Pd
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