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Post by Garnif on June 20th 2015, 10:41 pm

In 2-3 sentences, what is your favorite part of Cobbleton?:
The thing I enjoy most about cobbleton is the community. I first joined and almost immediately I was able to make friends and get a leg-up on starting and getting settled. I'm also able to long on most any time and have someone else online. I also enjoy the fact that everyone respects the builds of others. Half of Brimhaven is unlocked and public, but it never gets griefed and thievery isn't rampant.

In 2-3 sentences, what could we improve on?:
I believe something that could be improved on is the admin shop. While it is nice being able to obtain things on your own or trade with others, sometimes there are things you just need quickly/a lot of. For example: Blazerods. They are crucial for brewing but it is impossible to get them if don't live near a nether fortress or can't find one.

In 2-3 sentences, what is your least favorite part about Cobbleton and why?:
Just as a personal preference I don't enjoy hard difficulty. For my last few servers the difficulty has been set to Hard it it bothers me that in hardmode creepers can one-hit anyone not wearing at least full Iron armor. On normal or easy it is more forgiving and you can survive one, or maybe even two, creeper blasts before dying. On hard if you are new or decide to go armorless to show off your skin and don't pay attention at night, your stuff could end up loose and at risk of despawning in the middle of nowhere. Or worse, down a cavern. Really this is a personal preference and now that I'm on my feet it doesn't matter on this server.

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Post by MoMoe0 on June 21st 2015, 9:28 pm

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I am going to redo the admin shop area in preparation to introducing Elysium as a viable portal world. More items will be available through the new shop. You've put the idea in my head of lowering the difficulty to normal when we introduce mythic mobs to the server. Since we will have more varied mobs, there is no point in having the hard difficulty.

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