Version 1.5

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Version 1.5

Post by MoMoe0 on May 25th 2015, 10:43 pm


~ Added Jungle and Spruce doors
~ Added Carrot and Potato blocks
~ Added Daylight Sensor
~ Updated TNT
~ Updated the Minecart to be more simplistic
~ Updated Nether Portal to be red
~ Updated Cake to look more appealing
~ Updated Water to make it seem less choppy
~ Updated Water to be lighter blue
~ Updated Mycelium to be white
~ Updated Podzol
~ Updated Anvils
~ Updated Sea Lanterns to match Redstone Lamps

~ Added Minecart and Minecart types
~ Added Rabbit's Hide
~ Added Rabbit's Foot
~ Added Pumpkin Pie
~ Added Cooked and Raw Rabbit
~ Added Flint and Steel
~ Added Jungle and Spruce doors
~ Added Lead
~ Added Horse Armor
~ Added Armor Stand
~ Added Daylight Sensor
~ Updated Blue Orchid to actually be blue
~ Updated Cake
~ Updated Bowls, Mushroom Stew, and Rabbit Stew
~ Updated Gold Sword
~ Updated Diamond Sword
~ Updated Apple and Golden Apple

~ Added Charged Creeper
~ Added Endercrystal
~ Added End Portal
~ Added Experience Orbs
~ Added Cats
~ Added Squids
~ Added Armor Stand

~ Replaced Blocks with Avon's March
~ Replaced 13 with Brimhaven Ballad

~ Added End sky
~ Added Rain and Snow
~ Added Enchanted Glint
~ Removed Pumpkin Blur


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