i am your friendly neighbourhood kaden

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i am your friendly neighbourhood kaden

Post by Kaderatu on May 29th 2015, 6:09 am

so i'm posting this kinda late since i joined a few days ago, but hey better late than never right?

anyway hello friends. most of you probably know me by now. my ign is kaderatu, but feel free to call me kaden instead. i'm a 20 year old dude (though my voice is hardly convincing; you'll see if i ever decide to hop on teamspeak) who hails from the good and mapley land of free health care and moose. 

i've been playing minecraft for about four or five years now. i'll admit i'm extremely picky when it comes to servers. either i leave within the first day or i stick around forever, there's no in between. cobbleton's definitely exceeded every expectation i had, though, and i plan to stick around.

i'm not really that sure what else to share. i need to download teamspeak eventually, and i have skype (astraldinoaur) if any of you use that. my tumblr is http://kadecat.tumblr.com/

pleasure to meet and be playing with you all~


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