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Post by justJediah on June 14th 2015, 1:13 am

Hello! Here's my application:

What is your favorite part of Cobbleton?

Cobbleton was one of the first online multiplayer servers I ever tried, and this is the third Cobbleton server I've played on. I keep coming back because I really love the semi-vanilla, anti-griefing genre of the server, but mostly the community that comes with it. From the great admins to the casual players, I can expect to hop on the server at almost anytime and be greeted.

What could we improve on?

I feel the economy is lacking, as I really only use it to buy rarer materials such as slimeballs, but I think that is primarily due to the size of the server. I also feel like the first time entering the server could be improved; when I did it, I made a boat and spent 15 minutes to reach Brimhaven to learn I could have just killed myself. When I did reach Brimhaven, I was kind of at a loss of where things were, I found the setup of the resource/admin/nether portals confusing, with the server rules in an almost hidden area. 

What is your least favorite part about Cobbleton and why?

My least favorite thing is the ghost town aspect: people just stop playing and their work is left behind unfinished. I feel that there should be some sort of system where claims are deleted on projects that have not been worked on for a month, and others are encouraged to finish/expand it. This could be difficult, however; I'm not stating suggestions, just portraying my dislike.


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Post by MoMoe0 on June 14th 2015, 9:53 pm

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I have some ideas floating in my head for the economy but nothing solid. I've heard the concerns before for the random spawn, I will look into this and try to find a good solution. The ghost town thing you mentioned is a great idea. Grief Prevention actually has a built in reversal method to claims that are too old, but I believe it's turned off right now. The claim gets deleted but the build is still there I believe.

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