Kellyaileen Recognized Member Application

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Kellyaileen Recognized Member Application

Post by kellyaileen on July 13th 2015, 11:49 am

In 2-3 sentences, what is your favorite part of Cobbleton?:
I really like the community of people on here, many players are willing to lend a hand and get new members started. It's a lot of fun to play on a server with so many active members and see everyone's different styles. I also like that everyone is pretty respectful - even on the open claims/chests/etc people tend to not steal or grief from one another which is lovely. 

In 2-3 sentences, what could we improve on?:
I think it'd be great to get some events on the server - so that we can all see and meet the active members. I know that I play with about 3-4 users regularly, but there a lot of homes I've seen that belong to people who have never been on when I am on - I'd like to be able to know more about my fellow Cobbletonians. 

In 2-3 sentences, what is your least favorite part about Cobbleton and why?:
Claims of users who don't play anymore - I really think some of those areas should be released or opened up. That way the active users can either build upon what is there or move in and reestablished businesses, etc. 

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Re: Kellyaileen Recognized Member Application

Post by MoMoe0 on July 15th 2015, 12:26 am

I will probably go through Brimhaven this weekend and clean up the old claims and such, at least the one's that look bad. Trust me, events will come soon enough. I'm glad people keep bringing it up though, puts it higher on my priority list.


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