05/21/2015 - Recent Updates

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05/21/2015 - Recent Updates Empty 05/21/2015 - Recent Updates

Post by MoMoe0 on May 21st 2015, 2:41 am

We've gotten some new plugins recently. I just want to outline some of these plugins. Our most recent addition is Mob Catcher which is a plugin that allows you to capture mobs inside of spawn eggs. I won't go into the details that much now (I'll post a tutorial at a later date), however, you will need ♦10 and 16 redstone to attempt to capture a mob. Some of the mobs have been disabled for obvious reasons (Ghast, Enderdragon, Wither... Etc). Also the peaceful mobs of Cobbleton will be much easier to catch than their hostile brothers, although it is still possible.

Playtime Rewards gives you ♦50 for every login you have per day, and ♦20 for every hour of playtime you have logged into the server (this does not include afk time). You can check your playtime with /playtime .

Massive Books was added as well, which lets you save books. I'll go into this at a later time.

Skript was added, which you guys won't have to worry about all too much. It's more for me to customize the server a little bit further.

A Head Manager plugin was added that adds a bunch of player heads you can choose from for decoration. The main command is /buyhead. You can view a tutorial here .

We have also made the switch to Essentials from RoyalCommands. Along with the changes, the only one you guys will have to worry about is the missing backpack command. Yes backpacks are gone for the time being. However, I've saved the backpack files so if you had something in there, make sure you contact me about it .

Resource Pack
I've also made some changes to the resource pack. Not that big of a deal. Read more here .

I've added two new additions to our ranks. Recognized Member , and Helper . Both of which I don't have the details mapped out on how these are going to work, and how they'll be earned. I plan on adding more ranks to reward players to contributing to the server.

End Note
Thanks again for reading guys! I've been advertising the server more often now and the player base has boosted up a bit. I hope to continue this trend so you guys won't get so lonely when you want to hop on. Wink

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