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Post by TheFallenV on June 7th 2015, 5:51 pm

What is your favorite part of cobbleton?:
My favorite part of cobbleton is the community of people. Everyone is so nice and friendly, and i also love the no griefing policy, the plots make sure of nothing bad happening to my buildings. I love the currency system, the admin shops and how people can make their own shops to make their own money selling items they like making.

What could we improve on?:
Stress the currency system more, its too easy to make money as of now. People go mining, and they end up with a backpack full of stone so they go sell it to the admin shop and they're rich. It's cool to sell stuff like ores and crazy rare stuff like slime balls.

What is your least favorite part about cobbleton and why?:
In all honesty, I hate the nether. It's good for fast travel but because the hub is not finished, it gets infested with pigmen and they get aggro'd for no reason, so it becomes a pain to retrieve items you lost when you died. a keep inventory mod would be cool. 

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Post by MoMoe0 on June 8th 2015, 1:18 am

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Congratulations! I've somewhat address the issue of making easy money with base materials. I've removed the option to sell to the admin shop, you can still sell ores and other valuables though. I've decided that if you want to sell base mats, you can sell them in your own shop. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep improving the economy. We can't really address the nether, it's just a time issue of when the nether hub gets finished. I could turn pigmen aggro off but that would detract from the nether experience. Also, you can store things in your /backpack and it won't be lost when you die.

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